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Reflection 01

Reflection 02_stills 02a

Reflection 02


The sitter is affected by Moebius syndrome, a congenital condition that causes facial muscle paralysis, resulting in an inability to express any emotion facially.

Reflection 03

Eric_Fong_Reflection 04

Reflection 04

Reflection 05_stills 02

Reflection 05

Reflections is a series of five video portraits of people with facial disfigurement. The sitters gaze back confidently at the viewer through their reflections in the water.

Reflections is the result of a collaboration with Changing Faces, a national charity that supports people with disfigurements ( It is driven by the observation that disfigurement has been conspicuously underrepresented in the visual arts, and that people with disfigurement are often voiceless and invisible in society. It invites the viewer to look with intensity at the sitter, and to examine their own reactions and emotions as they watch. It seeks to encourage an engagement with and acceptance of facial disfigurement, and invites the viewer to reflect on notions of identity and ideals of beauty.

Each video can be screened alone as a single-channel work, or together as a multi-channel projection.