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Evidence, 2012–2014

A series of photographs of simulated crime scenes, in which luminescent chemicals are used for the forensic examination of trace human substances. They were taken in the Crime Scene House, a teaching facility within Teesside University’s Forensic Science department, where students practice forensic evidence collection and photo-documentation. However, the composition and method I used - long exposure in near complete darkness, with or without ultraviolet light - contravene strict forensic protocol. This work was produced during a year-long artist's residency at the university in collaboration with Dr Tim Thompson, supported by Leverhulme Trust.

Evidence 9965

Evidence 4134

Evidence 4208

Evidence 0041

Evidence 4322

Evidence 4281

Evidence 4159

Evidence 3341

Evidence 3626

Evidence 3571

Evidence 3756

Evidence 3810

Evidence 4115

Evidence 3343

Evidence 3818

Evidence 0063

Evidence 3362

Evidence 3401

Evidence 3806

Evidence 0058