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Reflections, 2011–2013

Reflections is a series of five video portraits of people with facial disfigurement. It seeks to explore what constitutes beauty, identity and difference. Like an image reflected in water, our physical appearance is not static - it changes under the effects of age, illness or accidents, and these effects can change how we see ourselves and how others see us. In this context, would perhaps an identity built on healthy narcissism - a healthy sense of self-love and acceptance - rather than on physical appearance be more helpful, especially for those with disfigurement?

Each video can be screened alone as a single-channel work, or together as a 5-channel projection.

Reflection 01

Reflection 02

Reflection 03

In Reflection 03, the subject is affected by Moebius syndrome, a congenital condition that causes facial muscle paralysis. Although his face may appear normal, he is unable to show any emotion on his face, such as by smiling, frowning or raising his eyebrows.

Reflection 04

Reflection 05